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Welcome to the Directorate General of Civil Avation (DGCA) Voluntary Reporting System website (VRS). The main aim of VRS is to enrich aviation safety through the collection of reports on actual or potential safety deficiencies that would otherwise not be captured by mandatory reporting systems.

VRS is a voluntary, non-punitive and confidential reporting system established by the DGCA /ASD in line with ICAO ANNEX 19 & ICAO SMM Document 9859 AND KCASR part 19. Anyone with any information that could help in improving aviation safety but it has not been reported through any existing channel OR you wish for others to learn and benefit from any occurrence or hazard, but are concerned about protecting your identity. Could make a VRS report.

DGCA/ASD grantee the  protection of  the reporter’s identity when processing all reports. VRS  administrator will de-identify the information and enter data into the VRS  database. Should there be need to seek inputs from any third party, only the de-identified data will be used.

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